Thursday, May 29, 2008

Communication is Key

“Communication is the key... and in all ways I demand that of you the most.”

Source: Wants and Desires by Miss Laura

On this, the final day of this eight day assignment, I reflected on the fifteenth and final paragraph you shared with your Wants and Desires. While writing my thoughts and response I chose as the encouragement to give myself 10 smacks on different parts of my body for each 100 words written, stopping each time I reached 100 words and administering the smacks. My response required 352 words so I stopped three times while writing. The first time I administered 10 smacks to my cock and balls. The second time I administered 10 smacks to my ass, five to each cheek. The third and final time I administered 10 smacks to my inner thighs, five to the left and five to the right. The words where I stopped to administer the smacks are in red. Accepting pain for you is submissively and erotically significant for me. It makes me feel my submission and enhances my feelings of the sexual. My cock was made hard by completing this encouragement and I felt aroused.

You consider communication the most important aspect of this and by inference, I think what you mean is not just communication, but open, honest and ongoing exchanges of thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Only by communicating in this way will it be useful and effective to achieving our shared goals.

I think you have expressed this because it is important. Communication and relationships are inseparably connected. You can't have a relationship with someone without communicating with them. What we say and do, and how we say and do it, directly shapes how people experience us. In fact, many times, the opinions people form about us are based on the way we communicate.

I am in agreement with your expectations for the establishment and maintenance of effective communications. Communication is the key to having a functional relationship. Because our ideas and interests are transmitted to other people through the way we communicate, we're more apt to get our needs met if we are effective communicators. The problem is that often we think we're communicating one thing but are actually communicating something quite different, or we're communicating so poorly that the other person doesn’t quite understand what is we're trying to say. So of course, effective communication is required not just communication per se.

To accomplish your expectations with regard to effective communication, I will do my best to avoid ineffective communication. I will be direct and to-the-point, leaving no doubt as to my meaning or purpose. I will be assertive in the sense of not being afraid to state what it is I want and why. I will keep my communication with you congenial, affable and friendly. I will try to keep any underlying issues clear. I will be open and harbor no intentionally hidden messages or meaning. I will verbalize my thoughts and feelings since words are used to clearly express ideas. I will practice balance communication, devoting equal amounts of time to listening and talking. I will be responsive and give attention to your needs and perspective as you communicate with me. I will communicate honestly my true feelings, thoughts, and needs.

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Anonymous said...

You have completed this assignmnet beyond my expectations. I am so very pleased with all your observations and all your input.

I was aroused by the thought of you doing these for me in each way you did... they toy, the edges, the spankings, the erections... all so nice.

I really feel like you heard all I had to say, understood all I want from you and that it is important to you. That means a lot to me.

Now... find me and lets see what we can do to give you a bit of a reward for all this hard work.

Miss Laura