Monday, June 2, 2008

Fantasy Musings

One of the things you have communicated to me as an expectation is that you want me to share with you my fantasies. I have a very active fantasy life. I have some favorites that I re-visit again and again, but sometimes I just get a fleeting thought when feeling sexually aroused and these sometimes tend to be single use fantasies. To meet your expectations for this area, I thought I’d simply post my fantasies here as they occur. Here is the first installment.

The scenario:

My Mistress takes me to an upscale night spot. Once we arrive she orders me to accompany her to the women’s restroom. She orders me to strip completely naked except for a pair of sexy girl panties she required me to wear. She orders me to lay on my back on a long padded bench inside the room. Taking lengths of rope from her handbag she binds my wrists, legs and ankles so that I’m denied freedom of movement. She then blindfolds me. I feel her writing on my chest with a Sharpie marker. She then tells me to wait until she returns and I hear the door open and close.

After a few minutes I hear the door open and hear a woman giggle nervously and I feel embarrassed because I recognize it isn’t my Mistress. Suddenly I hear clothing rustling and then suddenly smell the scent of a woman and realize that a pussy is being lowered onto my face and mouth. Not certain what to do I simply start licking and feel the pussy being pressed eagerly against my tongue and mouth. I feel the pressure as the unseen hips gyrate and hump against my mouth. Soon the gyrations and bucking increase in pace and I hear the unseen woman begin to moan and then feel her thigh muscles tense as she begins to cum. Shakily she stands removing her pussy from my mouth. “Thanks,” she giggles as I hear her re-adjusting her clothing and then I hear the door once again open and shut. Minutes later the door opens again and the scenario is played out again. This happens again and again for what seems like hours. I soon lose track of the number of pussies that have been pressed against my mouth and tongue. A few minutes after another woman has finished and left the room, the door opens once again and I feel my blindfold being removed and see the smiling face of my Mistress. She unties me and tells me to get dressed. As I start to dress I notice the writing on my chest in the mirror and read the words, “Complimentary oral, please enjoy.” My Mistress laughs as she tells me she has been busily recruiting women for me to service all night. My face and mouth feel sticky from the mixture of the feminine wetness from so many different women. My Mistress tells me that when we get home, she is going to spank me for being such a slutty boy and that afterwards she is going to make me lick her pussy all night long.

Art Credit: Sardax

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Anonymous said...

I so enjoy a good story... fantasy or reality... I just love to read about sex, about desire and love when it relates to using you and your body in such a creative way.

I know from your other blog how much you adore pussy. So I love that this is the focus of the submission in this fantasy.

I am sure if we made this happen you would make me proud and many, many women happy.

You made me happy today reading this.

Miss Laura