Monday, May 26, 2008

Showing Respect and Deference

“I want you to include me as a part of your blog as a place to put your thoughts and feelings, your actions and ‘tasks’ that are given outside the Academy, perhaps a separate section or something aside from your excellent essays. A daily (or as is appropriate) journal of what we share I will expect photos as are appropriate to chronicle activities and others that may be desirable to me of you posted there. I expect you to take on this without my direct instruction, but rather, you’re sharing the knowledge and experience with the understanding that I will be reading daily and you want to please me.

While we have a style of communicating that is fun and light, I do desire your respect and a level of submission that allows us both to maintain the relationship in the appropriate way as submissive and dominant. As we have shared previously in chat is what I like and that is fine. Although there may be times when I demand more should some situation require it. That said… if you feel some time you need me to be more 'Mistressy' communicate that. I tend to like people and just talking/chatting (as you have I am sure noticed) and just as you have to get into a sub place of mind, I sometimes have to get into a Dom place of mind.”

Source: Wants and Desires by Miss Laura

Today for the fifth day of this assignment I contemplated paragraphs nine and ten of your Wants and Desires. While preparing my response I chose again the edges encouragement while writing my response. Before beginning, I rubbed and stroked my cock until I was completely erect and then continued to stroke until I achieved an edge. I then kept track of the number of words as I wrote my response to the paragraphs for today and stopped after every 200 words to stroke until I had offered another edge. The total word count was just over 700 words which required me to offer a total of four edges, counting the initial edge before starting to write. The requirement for the edges kept me in a state of high sexual arousal throughout the assignment and my cock remained fully erect the entire time. The activity was very meaningful for me as it enhances my feelings of submission when I am required to masturbate at edge at your command.

In the first paragraph I considered today, I think you were simply communicating to me that you expect me to provide an online journal or sorts in which I document in writing and appropriate pictorial representation our shared experiences. As we discussed and agreed, this journal will be in the form of this new blog that I have created in lieu of using my existing Her Property blog.

The second paragraph I think simply communicates your expectations concerning appropriate interaction when we visit and discuss things either via chat, email or phone. While you recognize that I do have a playful attitude and you seem okay with that, you do not want me to forget my responsibilities to always treat you with the respect and deference you are due given the difference in our roles.

I think you purpose for requiring the online journal is for several reasons. First, it provides you with an easily assessable record of our shared experiences which will help you to understand what works well and what perhaps doesn’t work as well for one or both of us. Also it will provide you with further insight into my feelings, needs and wants as I openly communicate them in that forum. Finally, it is a tangible way in which I can please you by being obedient to perform a specific activity on a routine and regular basis for your benefit.

With respect to your requirement that I treat you with respect and deference, I think you require that because it is very necessary to the growth and sustainment of this type of relationship and it is helpful it keeping me mindful of my submissive role and my position with respect to your role as dominant.

To accomplish your objectives as expressed in these two paragraphs, I have already created this new blog to serve as our chronological record of experiences about the things we share in this relationship. I will endeavor to post to this blog regularly including posts that I write of my own volition to share my thoughts and feelings, rather than simply waiting for you to always direct me to write and share something. Also, I will be ever mindful of my role as a submissive and will treat you with the proper courtesy, respect and deference that you deserve.

I am in full and complete agreement with the expectations you shared in the two paragraphs under consideration today. I do expect this new blog to be very helpful and instructive for me as my existing blog has taken on something of a different character from that which I originally intended. It serves now more as simply a vehicle where I discuss various aspects of dominance and submission which I learn about and contemplate and then write about in hopes of helping to enlighten others about the lifestyle. This new blog will be more of the personal experience journal or diary that I had originally contemplated. Also, I do agree that while there will be times when we will communicate simply as friends who enjoy one another’s company, I should at all time be mindful of my role and appropriately respectful of your dominance. That is something that I think is a necessary part of me having a meaningful submissive experience within the context of a D/s relationship.

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