Sunday, May 25, 2008

Behaving Responsibly

“I want you to tell me if you want something. I don’t consider this topping. I like to know what you desire, what you want. Obviously there is a difference between expressing your desires and begging… and while I may or may not give it to you, allow you to, right that moment all things you think of… I want you to express in someway all you do desire, fantasize about or think would be interesting to try. Whether that means a weekly/daily list of naughty ideas or some other way I want this from you… on an ongoing basis. It turns me on to have you turned on and sharing those ideas is necessary.

I require you to fulfill your commitments to me timely and should there be some real life issue that prevents that for you, I expect you to fully communicate that issue and find a resolution as is practical.”

Source: Wants and Desires by Miss Laura

On this, day four I responded to paragraphs seven and eight of your Wants and Desires. While preparing my response I chose as the encouragement to be naked and hard the entire time I was writing. Actually I was feeling very aroused and horny today since it has been a good long time since I have been allowed to orgasm. It took only a few moments of stimulation to make my cock completely hard. As I focused on the writing I had to stop from time to time and stroke my cock whenever my erection began to subside but I did accomplish maintaining my erection until completing the response for today.

In the first paragraph I believe you were communicating a couple of things. First, that you are interested in hearing my expectations and about the activities I want to share with you. No one is a mind reader of course so unless I am willing to be open with you and share the things I find meaningful and arousing you have no way of knowing how to most effectively dominate me. Secondly, I feel you were telling me that while it is acceptable to communicate my desires and self perceived needs to you, you may not always agree to address them immediately or at all and should you decide not to offer something I ask for, you expect me to accept your decision without whining or begging.

Your second paragraph I think is simply a reminder to me that you expect me to behave responsibly. You expect me to complete all assignments in a timely manner and by established due dates unless there is a reasonable circumstance that prevents me from doing so. In those instances you expect me to communicate any circumstances to you as soon as I become aware of them which might prevent me from completing an assignment on time.

To communicate my needs and wants, I think the suggestion you offered about providing periodic lists of naughty thoughts and ideas I have would be one good way of accomplishing that. Also, sharing with you my fantasies I think would be a good way of providing you the insight you are asking for into what types of things appeal to me and produce sexual arousal or meaningful feelings of submission. As far as the responsibility issue, I will commit myself to the timely performance of your assignments or should anything come up to prevent me from completing something on time, I will communicate the circumstances to you in advance of established due dates.

Again today, I find the expectations you expressed in these two paragraphs to be very reasonable and I also agree they are needful if we are to find meaning in sharing together. I will endeavor to meet these expectations to the best of my abilities.

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